Monday, December 5, 2016

Welcome back!  I hope your track-out was wonderful!
Today we started diving into NON -FICTION text.  We are talking about text features and how they answer the 5 W's (who what when where why, and their buddy how).  We are moving into main idea next week.
In writing the student choose their non-fiction writing topic, and should have checked out a book from the library on that topic.
In Math we named the strategies we've been using all along.  Commutative property and Associative property.
In Science we reviewed what we did before track-out.

HOMEWORK:  I forgot to tell them about reading 20 minutes every night.  By Friday draw the setting of the book with the main character in the setting.  Include Character traits, themes, and main ideas.
Math Day 62:  6 problems

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