Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Great work today!
In ELA the kids worked quietly on his/her menu while I started MClass testing.  (I started 7 kids, but none of them are done because they are passing books and having to move up to the next level!)
In Math we introduced the distributive property.  I am teaching it as a "break apart" method (instead of the arrows).  So....34 x 5.  Break apart the 34 into 30 and 4.  Multiply both by 5, then add the products.
7 x 9.  Break apart the 7 into 5 and 2.  Multiply both by 9  (5x9 and 2x9) then add the products. 45+18 = 63.
We had a nice break with the PEPI crew from Wakefield High School.
In Science we went into the Maker space and we were Planet Earth traveling around the Sun.  We always pointed North.   We found out that different parts of our body got direct sunlight (warming).  This causes the Seasons!  We introduced Solstice and Equinox vocabulary words.

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