Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A student let me know today that the homework page had not updated.  Sorry about that.

In ELA we finished MClass testing!  So proud of how hard these kiddos worked!  We are starting to assess Text Features.

In Math we started MULTI-step problems.  We added to our PISA word problem is now PIESA
P- underline the problem
I - circle the important information
E - estimate
S - solve (check for 2 or more steps)
A- did you answer the problem?

In science we had an off topic day....great science questions were asked, so I had to answer.  We were reading a passage about the Earth, Moon and Sun, and lots of questions arose from passage. Plate Tectonics, Volcanos, Earthquakes, Big Bang theory, Theory of Evolution... The kids got a very brief explanation of these HUGE topics.

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