Monday, September 26, 2016

Today in ELA we focused on Point of view.  We looked at photographs and decided what each person was feeling/thinking/character traits. And then we decided how it made us feel.
In Math we focused on x0 and x1 and division of 0 and 1.
In Social studies we took our first quiz on what is local government and what do the three branches of government do?

MATH Homework: The 0's and 1's page (front and back) is homework.  There are also 6 pages of flash cards for them to practice at home - these STAY AT HOME!

OCTOBER READING HOMEWORK:  The students can bring his/her reading text book back to school on Friday.  We are done in these for now.

In October the students will be completing a reading novel project. There will be two reading logs each week and a project each week (4 weeks).  At the end of the month we will have a wax museum where each student will dress as their main character and present the 4 projects.

Our Wax museum will be on Halloween!

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