Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today we got our first bad score in Specials, and 8.  It was for not following directions and not quieting down when asked. I don't ever want that to happen again!
In ELA, I'm continuing to administer the TRC reading level test. (I got to 3 of them today).  Students started a new rotation of Work on Writing (but it is really responding to reading).  After completing any thing I've assigned, they can practice cursive, complete a mindful choices activity, a reading response log, or create vocabulary words with play-doh (I need some mini cans if you can donate).  The play-doh is to help build up finger strength.
In Science the kids are ready to present the groups reading assignment and teach their section to the rest of the class.
In Math we subtracted with number lines. (3 questions for homework).

I had several students without homework today...homework is every  night! Please keep them working and check in on them.
Reading questions 3 and 4 are due tomorrow. Use those complete sentences.

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