Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Today we took our assessment in EL.

We also took our math assessment! 

After lunch we finished our reading assessment.
During Social Studies we watched two videos about Joel Lane's house.

Monday, August 13, 2018

In EL we worked on editing our paragraphs; tomorrow they will have to write one by themselves.
Here is an example: The question is; What challenges do people face in accessing books, and how do they overcome them?
Papua New Guinea is a country north of Australia with lots of rain forests. Getting books to the village of Mogi-agi can be challenging, but volunteers have found ways to overcome this challenge. In some parts of Papua New Guinea the roads are very bumpy or even just trails. The volunteers use 4 by 4 vehicles to get across the bumpy roads.  When there are only foot trails, the volunteers walk up to 4 hours with the books on their shoulders. The kids in the village love when they get books and can' t wait to get more. 

RED - intro sentence (country/geography)
Green - focus statement (thesis/topic sentence)
Blue - what is the challenge
Yellow - how they overcome the challenge
Red - closing sentence (how the people feel)

Yep, that is 1 paragraph.  We will be practicing this all year, so if they don't get it right now (level 2) that is ok, they will have a chance 2 times every quarter to show they can do it.

In math we played Kahoot to review pictographs and bar graphs.  Tomorrow is the test.

After lunch we continued editing our paragraphs and I met with two book clubs.
In SOCIAL STUDIES (History) we learned about Joel Lane and how he created Wake County, and gave the land for the City of Raleigh and UNC campus.  You can still visit his house (close to Walnut Creek Amphitheater).

Friday, August 10, 2018

In EL we worked on making a new paragraph only using a partner and the examples.  Monday we will edit our work, and Tuesday we will take an assessment to have them try by themselves.
In Math we worked in partners to make a tally chart, bar graph and pictograph on our Superhero data.
After lunch we continued working on our paragraphs from the morning and got a good chunk of Hugo read.
During HISTORY we introduced our timeline from 1400-2100.  We hung up Columbus (1492), Declaration of Independence (1776), my birthday (1975), the kids birthdays (2009), and today.
Monday we will start early NC history with Joel Lane.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

In EL we wrote 1 paragraph together the way 3rd graders write a paragraph...they were all shocked it was only 1 paragraph!
Introduction sentence
Focus Statement
3 solutions
closing sentence
Tomorrow they will practice again with partners.  Monday we will edit, and Tuesday they will do it again by themselves as an assessment.

In Math we made bar graphs of our data we collected for the pictographs.  We then compared the two.
After lunch I met with all 4 reading book clubs while the students practiced main idea/details, completed book club activities or used the reading programs from my website.
In science we took the Human Body Test!.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Check those Wednesday Folders!  Mclass reading data is in there.  Interims - I can't print them.  Printing has been disabled by the state.  They are saying I should be able to print them by next Friday.

Today in EL we colored our model paragraph for informational writing. 
RED - Introduction sentence
GREEN - focus statement (we called it a thesis statement)
BLUE - The problem
YELLOW - the 3 solutions
and RED - concluding sentence

The question we are answering is....What are the challenges people face when learning, and how are they overcome?

In Math we finished our pictographs and presented, then we looked at how pictographs and bar graphs are similar/different.
After lunch we played KAHOOT.  We were finding subject, main idea, and details.
(On their Homework passage, subject = statue of liberty, main idea = parts of the statue of liberty, details = crown, base, tablet)
During science we finished up skin by talking about nerve receptors.  We then played Kahoot to get ready for the test.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Today in EL the students dug into a new text "Mongolia" independently to show they know how to use context clues for new vocabulary and find the main idea and details of a text.
In Math we started learning about pictographs.  We created a survey, surveyed our fellow scholars, and started creating a pictograph of our data.  We will finish this tomorrow.
After lunch I meet with the Bunnicula group and the Flora and Ulysses group.  The students also started a main idea packet.
During science the students read an article on the skin and answered questions.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Today in EL we finished digging into our country texts (Finland, Thailand or Zimbabwe).  Tomorrow we will dig into a new country for our assessment.  Mongolia!
In Math we took our end of unit 1 assessment on making equal groups.
After lunch we learned another way to record our reading in our journals.  We now have RL (reading literature) and RI (reading informational text) questions we can answer.
In science we discovered how much skin we really have.... a lot!